Log Corners

Top Notch Quality Log Corners at Every Angle!

Log corners are one of the most important structural elements of a log home. We pay special attention to the design considerations and durability factor of our log siding corners to maintain the level of quality in every inch!

Log corners are the Baseline of a beautiful and durable Log home. Not only do they provide a visually striking ambiance, but they also make up for the strength of the log home for years to come.

The corner joinery can be opted for in a variety of designs, pertaining to your personal choice and the style of your log home!

Get the Authentic Log Home Look Now!

Wish for a log home that looks eclectic and rustic from every corner? Our durable and streamlined log home corners are the missing piece you need! We offer a variety of designs, custom made to suit the architecture of your log home. Join the walls of your log home with style and make it ooze finesse and sophistication without extra hassle!

Here are some popular log home corners that you can opt for to give a new dimension and edge to your log home:

Butt-n-Pass Log Corners

Fuse traditional style and modern allure with the ever-popular butt-n-pass log siding corners. Cost effective, durable and attractive, this corner style is the most sought after design by home owners. The design consists of an even and uniform symmetry that is considered to be a signature style for most log homes. Butt-n-pass log siding corners can be incorporated in a D-Style or Double D-Style and can match all siding profiles!

Saddle Notch Log Corners

Top precision and an even fit is the first thing that comes to mind when you look at a saddle notch log corner design. These log home corners present a rustic and hand-crafted look, and are sturdy, secure and beautiful to look at.

Vertical Log Corners

For those who like it simple yet aesthetically pleasing, vertical log corners are the best pick! With a contemporary yet stylish feel, these log corners consist of a vertical post tightly securing the exterior ends of the log siding. Formal yet striking, vertical log siding corners are available in 6” or 8” variants.

Contact us today for personalized advice from our professional log siding experts. We help you create you dream log home in a budget friendly price.