Log Trims

Log trims are the perfect way to finish a log siding job and take perfection and detail to the next level. Though they are a detailing element, it is important to consider your choices in advance so that the final finish of your home is perfect in every way!

Log siding trims are a key design structure as they give your log home a seamless and impeccable finish. Whether you are searching for custom designed switch covers and electrical boxes or trimming for a door or window pane, we have all the best options tailor-crafted for you!

What We Offer

Deciding the variant, size and style of log siding trims is an important phase of a log home construction. Making the right choice guarantees a top-notch and eye-catching look for your log home! Trust our design professionals for the best quality and design of log siding trims. We also offer custom trimmings for any individual or personalized needs that you may have in mind.

Half Log Trims

Engineered to perfection, our half log siding trims are ideal for use in your log home! With accurate dimensions and seamless finish, half log trims are a perfect match for any half log siding applications in your log home. Use them for any paneling needs without worry!

Quarter Log Trims

These log siding trims are mostly compatible with the tongue and groove log siding in your home. A perfect match in terms of color, texture and design, you can maintain consistent finish and appeal in your home with these log trims.

Custom Arched Log Trims

Just tell us the specs and design considerations of your doors and windows and we will have the required log trims designed for you in no time! We take pride in our exceptional service and attention to detail.

Electrical Boxes and Switch Covers

Looking for the perfect final touches for your attractive log home? Get custom designed electrical boxes and switch covers that are a perfect fit for your interior and exterior design! Make your décor aesthetic and eye catching with our exclusive range of singles, doubles and triples boxes and covers.

Decorative Log Siding Trims

Want something custom designed for your log home? Looking for the best in quality and design? Contact us now for decorative molding log trims, custom shaped door and window casing and any other trim needs for your log home. Our attractive rates and dedicated customer support are second to none!