Gerard Rendine – Mt. Pleasant, Pa

Back in February 2012, I ordered over 2500 lf of your product (order# 5021). I just want to say that your product is very easy to work with due to the high quality standard. I’m doing all my own work and can only be done on weekends and is part of a two story 30 X 30 addition and the remodeling of the existing structure. I must say that my waste was less than 1% because of the high quality standard. I ended up having enough product to complete 4 other walls. The project is nearing completion as I need to finish the trim, flooring and painting. When completed I plan on sending you some pictures of the project. I have told many friends what a great product you have and please keep up the good work. I must admit I was very unsure of the quality of product that I was going to receive but once it arrived and started the installation it is truly a A+++ product that is true, dirt free in the finish and zero waste due to “unusable product”. Thank you and all the employees at The Woodworkers Shoppe.