Log Trim Siding as an Alternative to a Log Home

A log home is a beautiful testament to days gone by.  However, traditionally built log homes are extremely expensive to build and require extensive regular maintenance to keep them looking beautiful.  A popular option instead of a full log home is log siding.  Log siding is less expensive and easier to install.  Log siding and trim can be installed on any home and gives the impression of a log home without the tedious maintenance and insulation issues that come with installing full logs.

Log siding websites usually have a calculator on their sites to help figure out how much siding will be necessary to complete the log siding look on a home.  This will not only help determine how much siding is necessary to order but also how much will be spent on the materials alone.  Inputting the gable height and width (the length and width of the side of the house) and then subtracting the size and quantity of the windows and doors is the basic formula for calculating how much siding is needed.  Once this is done for all the sides of the house, an estimated project material list for the log siding is the result.  This does not include any other materials required for the installation.

trim siding

Once the calculations for the log trim are complete, the next step is deciding on log trims to accent every aspect of the log home.  Log trim siding is a beautiful way to draw attention to the doors and windows of a log siding home.  There are a few different options for log siding trims for both the interior and exterior of a log home.  The trim goes around the doors and windows on both the inside and outside of the house.  It can be ornate or simple depending on the preference of the buyer.

Log siding and log siding trim can be installed by a contractor.  A home owner with some experience may also be able to install the log siding and trim.  Once the necessary materials have been purchased, it is simply a matter of cutting to size and attaching the trim.  More ornate or intricate trim may require some additional experience if it is necessary to have patterns line up.  Trim can be cut to fit around any size window or door – even bow windows and arched entryways.

Along with log trim siding, there are other ways to accent a log cabin with log trim details.  Electrical box covers and light fixture backings are available for installation.  Log paneling on the interior walls is nicely complimented by log outlet covers and light switches.  The installation of log siding, log trims, and log accessories will give a home a complete makeover.