Quality Log Siding

Why Choose Log Siding?

quality log sidingLog siding provides an elegant and traditional finish to homes. By choosing the classic style of log siding, you are ensuring that your house will remain in fashion throughout time. The rustic effect of log siding alludes to the houses of early settlers, subtly incorporating history into your home design. However, log siding is versatile enough to be used on any home, and can provide a classical, unique touch to cabins and mansions alike. Our quality log siding and our other wood products will help to make your dream home come to life, no matter what style of house you choose. ‘Any home can be a log home.’

Finest Quality Log Siding For Sale

Premium Wood

The wood that we provide is 100% natural, solid un-treated wood. When you buy our log sidings or other products, you know that you are helping the environment and receiving the best quality product available. The majority of our wood comes from the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, which is internationally renowned for producing the best quality wood in the world. By using the picturesque forests of northern Michigan to create our products, we can assure you that the beauty and quality of the logs, knotty pine panels or cedar panels you receive is second to none.

Controlled Product

Furthermore, our wood products are all kiln-dried to an ideal moisture content to prevent shrinkage and cracking. We never cut corners, and always ensure that our products are going to last beautifully over time. Each piece of wood is thoroughly inspected for defects, and any inferior material is discarded immediately so that you are only provided with the finest wood possible. Unlike other companies, our wood is meticulously monitored at every stage of the milling process, from the sawing of the log to the drying, inspection and milling to ensure that the products we make are of the highest quality. By controlling our products during every stage of their production, we are able to guarantee that our wood is always a premium product.


quality_log_sidingNot only do we safeguard the first-rate quality of our products, but we also ensure that our wood is friendly to the environment. We minimize wastage by creating ‘random length pieces’ with the wood that isn’t large enough to form normal products. These pieces strengthen our normal length siding as well as preventing wastefulness. This helps to maintain the efficiency of our production, and indirectly allows our products to maintain their low price. Additionally, we never treat our wood with plastics, synthetics or veneer. We retain the natural beauty of the wood by keeping it solid and un-treated, which also helps to minimize negative impacts on the environment. We always provide wood to you as nature intended, replicating the traditional log effect of the homes of early settlers.

Factory Direct

Our wood comes to you directly from the factory. Cut out the middleman and you receive a product that is better quality, as we are able to carefully control every aspect of its production and transportation. Buying directly from the factory means that the product is cheaper, saving you money that you can be spending perfecting other aspects of your dream home! Buying from the factory also means that every product can be expertly tailored to your individual needs. We have dealers across northern Michigan, and our own trucks that can transport across the nation. However, we can arrange inexpensive, reliable transportation to almost anywhere in the world! We can use common carriers to get your wood across the nation at a discount price, or dependable international boat carriers if you live overseas. See our shipping policy.

Services Tailored to Your Needs

Rather than have set plans or packages, we allow dream homes to come to life by providing wood sizes to suit each individual. You simply provide us with the measurements (height multiplied by length of a wall, subtracting the area of a window or door) and we will provide you with the log materials to complete your ideal home. This service is designed to cater to you and your needs, because we know that everybody’s dream home is different. Not only do we provide quality log siding for sale, but we also have a range of other products to finish your home. This includes log trims, log corners, paneling, log stairs and railing, log posts and trusses and log mantles. These products ensure that your house can look as beautiful and unique as you want it to be.

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