Quality Log Siding For Sale

Dream Home

quality log sidingWe here at Quality Log Siding aim to provide you with the best materials possible to allow your dream home to come to life. Our every service is tailored to you and your home. Rather than provide set packages, we always ensure that our services are catered to you. You provide the plans for your home (with measurements in square footage) and we can provide you with materials, for any conventional stick built home interiors and/or exteriors. We pride ourselves on our ability to bring warmth and beauty to your home through our range of wood products, from the rich cedar to the traditional knotty pine. See our picture gallery for examples of the beautiful appearance of our wood in homes.

Tips for Installation

Screws and Nails

  • When installing exterior quarter log siding, we recommend using galvanized siding nails (8 penny ring shank framing nail).
  • When installing exterior half log siding, we recommend using 3-inch galvanized decking screws or galvanized siding nails (14 penny ring shank framing nail).
  • For interior wood products such as Cedar Paneling, any 16 gauge 1¾-inch finish nails or brads would be appropriate.

Exterior Finish

There is a huge range of exterior finishes to choose from, and it may be confusing trying to determine the best finish for your home.  However, over the years we have tried and tested several brands of finish and have a couple of recommendations. Sikkens Exterior Wood Finishes are very reliable, and perform the best out of all the exterior finishes that we have tested on our products. We particularly endorse their Cetol Log and Siding products. If you prefer water-borne finishes, we carry several different types. We have many of Perma-chink’s Ultra 1 and Ultra 2 finishes, which we find to be extremely effective. Perma-chink’s Ultra 2 comes with a 5-year warranty, which is amazing for a water-borne finish. Once you apply two coats of exterior finish to your siding or other log product, you can expect to reapply every 3 to 6 years depending on the environmental conditions that your home is subject to.

Different Types of Log Siding

Quarter Log Siding

Quarter log siding is rounded and delicate, only protruding to 1½ inches. It has the appearance of a quarter log, and is the subtlest of our range. It is a more modern take on the traditional log siding, and is most appropriate for contemporary style houses. It provides gentle lines, perfect for making a statement as well as maintaining the modern sleek look of your house.

Half Log Siding

Half log siding protrudes to 2½ inches and it has the appearance of a half log. It is a medium thickness for a versatile log style house. It perfectly balances the delicacy of well-rounded logs with the rugged nature of the raw wood.

Premier Log Siding

The deepest log of the range, Premier log siding is 3 inches thick and is always hand-hewn. It conveys the traditional rustic feel of the early settler houses, and is the most rugged of our range. It has the most character of all our log sidings, creating the full log effect that is undoubtedly American.


quality_ log_sidingOur products are always the lowest prices around. How do we maintain such high quality log siding with the incredibly low prices? Here’s how:

  • We provide our wood to you directly from the factory. We remove the middleman and cut the sales costs, travel costs and more.
  • We are efficient in proving transportation. We have our own trucks and use common carriers so often that we get discount prices.
  • Our end-match design provides massive savings on materials and labor, because we don’t need to cut and measure every board that falls on a stud. We measure and cut only once per row, and the piece you cut off is the starter piece on the next row. This method prevents wastage of good wood, and saves us from having to purchase extra material for waste.
  • Furthermore, we cut out any defects in the wood and use the remaining good wood as ‘random pieces’ to help break up the joint pattern on the wall and/or ceiling. These random pieces are also easier to install than longer pieces, and are straighter and have less variance. This helps to create superior quality log siding as well as saving us money.

Contact Us

If you have any questions, just send us a message and we will get back to you as soon as possible. We pride ourselves on providing the most friendly and useful service imaginable. We can provide you with information about installation, home types or answers to any other queries that you may have. You can also contact us for a free quote today. See how our quality log siding for sale can make your house beautiful.