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Log siding corners for homes

The Benefits of Log Siding Corners For Homes

log siding cornersLog siding corners for homes isn’t a new idea. It was existing since perennial times. But it can be new to some folks who have not seen log home corners other than in some western movies. log corners basically means the application of half log to the exterior of an already built home. In modern homes, log siding corners are used as siding material. It has many other benefits than adding aesthetic value to the house. Log siding corners for homes would actually enhance the aesthetics of the house and give it a more of a rustic, wholesome, romantic appearance. It is really a conversion from a modern built home to that of a log built structure.


Adding to the Structure of the House

Log siding corners strengthen the house and fortifies the main structure of the home. This is an added advantage of a log siding corner for home. Your house is getting the benefit of at least a half a foot thickness added to the walls with the log siding. If you use cedar as the wood material, you are also adding insect resistance to your home. Some woods used as log siding corners for homes also provide a bit of a fire resistant quality to the walls of your home. Insulation is another benefits of adding logs as a home siding. The wood will help to hold in heat quite well during winter season. Also, it can keep the interior of your home colder during summer time.

The exterior logs should be kept dry, well sealed and properly placed together. The roof should have sufficient overhang to ensure that rain water falls to the ground and doesn’t hit the logs in doing so. The construction techniques or how the logs are placed together is very important in securing the logs without any gaps in between. This is where the importance of selecting an experienced service provider comes in handy. A well prepared log siding will last a lifetime and needs very little maintenance in the process. Log sidings are best when made with pine or cedar. These logs are treated with kiln-drying so that the logs will have a minimum moisture content to prevent shrinking and cracking. They will last a lifetime once used as home sidings. They can also be stained well with any color of your choice. Additionally, the logs are treated for UV protection and pre-painted with a borate treatment to repel insects.


Choosing a Reliable Service Provider

log home cornersEven though there are numerous log corners available for sale, you should always choose a company that specializes in building log sidings for homes. There are companies that manufacture pre cut, pre shaped logs, especially to use as logs for log sidings. Having all the material pre cut and pre shaped to your home specifications and numbered accordingly, would make the construction process quite easy. “Quality Log Siding” is a company that is based in the USA, which has one of the largest log siding product selections in the industry. It is an answer to most people’s question of where to buy log siding corners. Most of the wood that the company uses comes from Northern Michigan and The Upper Peninsula, which is reputed for possessing the best quality wood products.

“Quality Log Siding” is dedicated to give you a high quality product at factory direct prices. This would be ideal for people who are searching for the price of log siding corners. Their services doesn’t end with making log corners for homes. They manufacture and construct log mantles, log trims, log stairs and railings and knotty pine paneling too. It is one of the best place to purchase log home corners in order to beautify your house. All their wood products are made of solid untreated wood. It is the only way to achieve an eco friendly, authentic “log home look” for your house. There are many satisfied customers with the products and services of the company. The company website has live testimonials to this effect. More information about the company can be accessed through the company website at https://www.qualitylogsiding.com/log-corners. When you purchase log siding corners for homes through “Quality Log Siding”, you are assured of a peace of mind since you are purchasing one of the highest quality products in the market for affordable prices.