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Log siding trims for houses

The Employment Of Log Siding Trims For Houses

log siding trims for housesThere is nothing that quite speaks of elegance and beauty like a log-sided home. It just sends a message of permanence that takes us back to much of our heritage, yet is set in a modern world and gives a stately flair to our modern world. Log trimmed homes are the ideal way to finish off the perfect home design of your dreams and give it the clean appearance and strength of character it will portray. The trim can be added to any stick built home very easily.

Log siding trims finish off the look of a home in the most stylish and impeccable manner, using decorative log trims and accessories such as window and door moldings that give an eye catching appeal to your home. There are many options from which to choose, all you have to do is make your decision and you will have a beautiful exterior that will last for years to come.


Why You Should Choose Quality Log Siding As Your Supplier

Absolutely the best place to buy log siding trims for houses is Quality Log Siding of Comins, Michigan, where you don’t have to go through the middleman, you simply can go straight to the supplier. Located in Northern Michigan where there are more trees than people, Quality Log Siding is the company that allows you the opportunity to turn any home into a log home.  When considering log siding trims for houses, you can come directly to the mill and receive commensurate pricing and attention to detail.

All of the materials are kiln dried to the degree of minimum content of moisture which prohibits cracking and shrinking, with intense inspection procedures to ensure the best available product will be available for the consumer. The finished product is all end matched and tongue-in-groove, and each stage of the process of milling is always performed in house, to make sure that the end quality is the best. Each process such as sawing the log, drying the wood in the kiln, and then performing the precise milling that is required to meet stringent conditions are all done by the company craftsmen.

There is only one objective for Quality Log siding, and that is to provide for you the very best quality of log siding trims for house in the industry at factory direct prices. This is the specialty of the company and this is what they are most proud of, the durability and quality of the finished product.


What About The Shipping Of The Products And The Cost

log siding trimsThere are three ways that the siding can be shipped, and the first, and the most preferred way is by the company’s trucks. There are trailer sizes that can ship 8, 12, or 16 units of product. The second method is for larger orders which involves semi trailers are available and the product can be shipped to any of the lower 48 states of the US and Canada. The third method is to ship by common carrier through Fed Ex, Con-Way, and other commercial shippers. Our frequency of shipping has earned extremely low discounted rates. Shipping is also available for international orders as well, and each individual situation is negotiated based on the country and distance.

Log siding trims are a great way to add that new look to your home, no matter where you live. It gives your home a new look that is amazing, and it makes people wonder how our got that new home. It also adds a tremendous insulation factor to your home. The application of log siding trims for houses is a tremendous way to give your home a complete makeover, adding to its value and better overall comfort for you.

Log siding corners for homes

The Benefits of Log Siding Corners For Homes

log siding cornersLog siding corners for homes isn’t a new idea. It was existing since perennial times. But it can be new to some folks who have not seen log home corners other than in some western movies. log corners basically means the application of half log to the exterior of an already built home. In modern homes, log siding corners are used as siding material. It has many other benefits than adding aesthetic value to the house. Log siding corners for homes would actually enhance the aesthetics of the house and give it a more of a rustic, wholesome, romantic appearance. It is really a conversion from a modern built home to that of a log built structure.


Adding to the Structure of the House

Log siding corners strengthen the house and fortifies the main structure of the home. This is an added advantage of a log siding corner for home. Your house is getting the benefit of at least a half a foot thickness added to the walls with the log siding. If you use cedar as the wood material, you are also adding insect resistance to your home. Some woods used as log siding corners for homes also provide a bit of a fire resistant quality to the walls of your home. Insulation is another benefits of adding logs as a home siding. The wood will help to hold in heat quite well during winter season. Also, it can keep the interior of your home colder during summer time.

The exterior logs should be kept dry, well sealed and properly placed together. The roof should have sufficient overhang to ensure that rain water falls to the ground and doesn’t hit the logs in doing so. The construction techniques or how the logs are placed together is very important in securing the logs without any gaps in between. This is where the importance of selecting an experienced service provider comes in handy. A well prepared log siding will last a lifetime and needs very little maintenance in the process. Log sidings are best when made with pine or cedar. These logs are treated with kiln-drying so that the logs will have a minimum moisture content to prevent shrinking and cracking. They will last a lifetime once used as home sidings. They can also be stained well with any color of your choice. Additionally, the logs are treated for UV protection and pre-painted with a borate treatment to repel insects.


Choosing a Reliable Service Provider

log home cornersEven though there are numerous log corners available for sale, you should always choose a company that specializes in building log sidings for homes. There are companies that manufacture pre cut, pre shaped logs, especially to use as logs for log sidings. Having all the material pre cut and pre shaped to your home specifications and numbered accordingly, would make the construction process quite easy. “Quality Log Siding” is a company that is based in the USA, which has one of the largest log siding product selections in the industry. It is an answer to most people’s question of where to buy log siding corners. Most of the wood that the company uses comes from Northern Michigan and The Upper Peninsula, which is reputed for possessing the best quality wood products.

“Quality Log Siding” is dedicated to give you a high quality product at factory direct prices. This would be ideal for people who are searching for the price of log siding corners. Their services doesn’t end with making log corners for homes. They manufacture and construct log mantles, log trims, log stairs and railings and knotty pine paneling too. It is one of the best place to purchase log home corners in order to beautify your house. All their wood products are made of solid untreated wood. It is the only way to achieve an eco friendly, authentic “log home look” for your house. There are many satisfied customers with the products and services of the company. The company website has live testimonials to this effect. More information about the company can be accessed through the company website at When you purchase log siding corners for homes through “Quality Log Siding”, you are assured of a peace of mind since you are purchasing one of the highest quality products in the market for affordable prices.

Quality Log Siding For Sale

Dream Home

quality log sidingWe here at Quality Log Siding aim to provide you with the best materials possible to allow your dream home to come to life. Our every service is tailored to you and your home. Rather than provide set packages, we always ensure that our services are catered to you. You provide the plans for your home (with measurements in square footage) and we can provide you with materials, for any conventional stick built home interiors and/or exteriors. We pride ourselves on our ability to bring warmth and beauty to your home through our range of wood products, from the rich cedar to the traditional knotty pine. See our picture gallery for examples of the beautiful appearance of our wood in homes.

Tips for Installation

Screws and Nails

  • When installing exterior quarter log siding, we recommend using galvanized siding nails (8 penny ring shank framing nail).
  • When installing exterior half log siding, we recommend using 3-inch galvanized decking screws or galvanized siding nails (14 penny ring shank framing nail).
  • For interior wood products such as Cedar Paneling, any 16 gauge 1¾-inch finish nails or brads would be appropriate.

Exterior Finish

There is a huge range of exterior finishes to choose from, and it may be confusing trying to determine the best finish for your home.  However, over the years we have tried and tested several brands of finish and have a couple of recommendations. Sikkens Exterior Wood Finishes are very reliable, and perform the best out of all the exterior finishes that we have tested on our products. We particularly endorse their Cetol Log and Siding products. If you prefer water-borne finishes, we carry several different types. We have many of Perma-chink’s Ultra 1 and Ultra 2 finishes, which we find to be extremely effective. Perma-chink’s Ultra 2 comes with a 5-year warranty, which is amazing for a water-borne finish. Once you apply two coats of exterior finish to your siding or other log product, you can expect to reapply every 3 to 6 years depending on the environmental conditions that your home is subject to.

Different Types of Log Siding

Quarter Log Siding

Quarter log siding is rounded and delicate, only protruding to 1½ inches. It has the appearance of a quarter log, and is the subtlest of our range. It is a more modern take on the traditional log siding, and is most appropriate for contemporary style houses. It provides gentle lines, perfect for making a statement as well as maintaining the modern sleek look of your house.

Half Log Siding

Half log siding protrudes to 2½ inches and it has the appearance of a half log. It is a medium thickness for a versatile log style house. It perfectly balances the delicacy of well-rounded logs with the rugged nature of the raw wood.

Premier Log Siding

The deepest log of the range, Premier log siding is 3 inches thick and is always hand-hewn. It conveys the traditional rustic feel of the early settler houses, and is the most rugged of our range. It has the most character of all our log sidings, creating the full log effect that is undoubtedly American.


quality_ log_sidingOur products are always the lowest prices around. How do we maintain such high quality log siding with the incredibly low prices? Here’s how:

  • We provide our wood to you directly from the factory. We remove the middleman and cut the sales costs, travel costs and more.
  • We are efficient in proving transportation. We have our own trucks and use common carriers so often that we get discount prices.
  • Our end-match design provides massive savings on materials and labor, because we don’t need to cut and measure every board that falls on a stud. We measure and cut only once per row, and the piece you cut off is the starter piece on the next row. This method prevents wastage of good wood, and saves us from having to purchase extra material for waste.
  • Furthermore, we cut out any defects in the wood and use the remaining good wood as ‘random pieces’ to help break up the joint pattern on the wall and/or ceiling. These random pieces are also easier to install than longer pieces, and are straighter and have less variance. This helps to create superior quality log siding as well as saving us money.

Contact Us

If you have any questions, just send us a message and we will get back to you as soon as possible. We pride ourselves on providing the most friendly and useful service imaginable. We can provide you with information about installation, home types or answers to any other queries that you may have. You can also contact us for a free quote today. See how our quality log siding for sale can make your house beautiful.

Log Siding and Trims

Log homes have a certain aesthetic appeal.  They exude a character that speaks of superb craftsmanship while still seeming cozy and homey.  Using woods like cedar and pine for log siding and log siding trims contributes to the rustic look of a log home.  A log home is a beautiful home that has definite personality and will stand out among neighboring homes.

Log siding and log trim siding offer a natural and attractive option for homes.  Log trims and siding can be used to transform existing homes into a log homes or for new home construction projects.  Solid, untreated wood provides a natural beauty and an authentic “Log Home Look.”  Untreated woods, such as pine and cedar, are also eco-friendly.


The milling process is an important consideration when choosing wood siding and trim products.  The milling process includes sawing the logs, kiln drying, and precise milling.  Kiln dried log trims and log siding trims are recommended.  The kiln drying indicates the wood will have a very low moisture content.  This minimal moisture content helps to minimize and prevent shrinking and cracking of the wood.  The mill should also inspect for and remove any defects from the boards to ensure high quality materials.

It is preferable to choose tongue-n-groove and end-matched products.  An end-matched design equates to big savings for the consumer because there is no waste.  The piece cut off of one row is the starter piece for the next row.  There is no reason to cut and measure every board to fall on a stud, nor is it necessary to purchase extra material for waste.

Quality wood is also necessary to deliver a superior product.  Mills prefer wood from Northern Michigan and The Upper Peninsula as Michigan has a reputation for the best in quality wood products.

Quality Log Siding is considered a premier mill for log products.  Located in northern Michigan, the company offer the largest log siding and log trims in the market.  Buying direct from the mill offers big savings to the consumer.  The company offers the best options in quality cedar log siding and knotty pine log siding.

The company offers:

  • Easy installation with minimum hassle
  • Minimal material waste
  • Authentic and original appeal
  • Less maintenance needed as compared to other similar brands in the market
  • No cracking or splitting
  • No face nailing
  • No caulking between joints
  • Competitive prices
  • Superb design

Professional quality log siding pieces are delivered at the best rates on the market.  Quality Log Siding is ready to help consumers transform any home into the log home of their dreams.  Contact the customer support staff now for the best in quality wood products at affordable prices.  Visit the company website,, to request more information.

Log Trim Siding as an Alternative to a Log Home

A log home is a beautiful testament to days gone by.  However, traditionally built log homes are extremely expensive to build and require extensive regular maintenance to keep them looking beautiful.  A popular option instead of a full log home is log siding.  Log siding is less expensive and easier to install.  Log siding and trim can be installed on any home and gives the impression of a log home without the tedious maintenance and insulation issues that come with installing full logs.

Log siding websites usually have a calculator on their sites to help figure out how much siding will be necessary to complete the log siding look on a home.  This will not only help determine how much siding is necessary to order but also how much will be spent on the materials alone.  Inputting the gable height and width (the length and width of the side of the house) and then subtracting the size and quantity of the windows and doors is the basic formula for calculating how much siding is needed.  Once this is done for all the sides of the house, an estimated project material list for the log siding is the result.  This does not include any other materials required for the installation.

trim siding

Once the calculations for the log trim are complete, the next step is deciding on log trims to accent every aspect of the log home.  Log trim siding is a beautiful way to draw attention to the doors and windows of a log siding home.  There are a few different options for log siding trims for both the interior and exterior of a log home.  The trim goes around the doors and windows on both the inside and outside of the house.  It can be ornate or simple depending on the preference of the buyer.

Log siding and log siding trim can be installed by a contractor.  A home owner with some experience may also be able to install the log siding and trim.  Once the necessary materials have been purchased, it is simply a matter of cutting to size and attaching the trim.  More ornate or intricate trim may require some additional experience if it is necessary to have patterns line up.  Trim can be cut to fit around any size window or door – even bow windows and arched entryways.

Along with log trim siding, there are other ways to accent a log cabin with log trim details.  Electrical box covers and light fixture backings are available for installation.  Log paneling on the interior walls is nicely complimented by log outlet covers and light switches.  The installation of log siding, log trims, and log accessories will give a home a complete makeover.