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Professional Quality Log Siding For Sale

Professional Quality Log Siding For Sale

There is nothing more important than finding quality log siding for sale for those who want to create their own log siding home. It is essential to find a solution that is meaningful, affordable, and worth one’s time. In the long-run, there is nothing more important than having quality log siding in hand that is beneficial for the building of the property. Let’s take a look at what Quality Log Siding has to offer for its clients in terms of log siding purchases. This is a professional, proven service that has been around for many years and recognizes the importance of getting the job done right.


When it comes to the installation of the log sidings, it is important to have it done right the first time. There is no point in looking for quality log siding for sale, when the installation is not done as required. Quality Log Siding has been around for a long time and understands what is required to get the job done right. The installation process will be done in a timely and professional manner as deemed necessary by the client.

This service is always looking to go above and beyond when it comes to the installation process. When it comes to understanding what the perfect log cabin is all about, this service recognizes what is needed to ensure the perfect finish. There is nothing more important than getting the installation right and with this service, the methods and techniques used are of the highest quality.

When it comes to making sure the client does not have to waste their money, the focus goes on lessening the amount of material being wasted.  When the material is being maximized, this ensures the job is done right and properly. This is a knowledgeable service that is able to get the most out of the materials that are on hand.


Worried about the designs that are on offer for clients? This can be a concern for those who do not just want a regular log cabin, but one that is aesthetically beautiful. There is no point in having a log cabin that does not look great in terms of the exterior.

The designs are in accordance to the current industry standards because the service recognizes how important it is for the beauty to be of the highest quality. The designs have been put together with an emphasis on longevity and overall aesthetic elegance. The design can range in terms of the type of wood that is on offer like cedar and knotty pine.  There also variations in the appearance of the actual designs after looking at the type of wood that has been used. This includes the tongue-n-groove and end match designs that the service is popular for.  Quality log siding for sale is all about finding the right variation for one’s liking.


Wondering about how long the log cabin will last after the siding has been installed by a professional? This is a concern for a lot of individuals who are worried about the siding falling off after a short period. This can be an issue for a lot of clients, but this is not the case with Quality Log Siding. This service provides the finest materials and designs that are built to last.

The service places an emphasis on making sure the log siding is durable for a long period and will last for a while.

Why does this log siding last in comparison to what else is on the market? It has to do with the authentic nature of the wood being used. It is genuine quality and that is essential in this day and age for those clients who want the best possible option for their log cabin. There is no point in settling for less when it comes to quality log siding.


Thinking about making the purchase, but unsure about what constitutes as an affordable price for log siding? This is a concern for a lot of people who are considering this option. Quality Log Siding makes sure the job is done right and remains flexible when it comes to the final price point that is offered to clients.

It is essential to remain flexible as Quality Log Siding values the importance of customer satisfaction and this can only occur through remain cost-efficient. With the assistance of minimizing the amount of waste that is used, this service is able to guarantee the lowest prices possible each and every time for its clients.

While, maintaining the highest quality possible, this service is willing to go the extra mile when it comes to the rates that are on offer. By coming to Quality Log Siding, clients will be receiving a professional team that is ready to work tirelessly as required by the client. For more information, click here.

Knotty Pine Log Siding

Consider Knotty Pine Log Siding For That Perfect Cabin Look

Have you ever considered using log siding to finish your cabin or improve the look of any home? Cheap log siding can be a great investment because it is easy to install, durable, and practical. Combine the advantages of class building materials and 21st century improvements. If you want to choose between different products, knotty pine log siding is a great choice for multiple reasons.

Why Consider Knotty Pine Log Siding?

Traditional log cabins were actually constructed out of round logs. This might have been a sensible solution for its time. However, the worst problem was the fact that nature did not make any two logs that fit together perfectly. That meant that it took a lot of caulking in order to seal up leaks.

This problem is solved today with a better solution. A cabin can be framed with wood studs now. Then quality log siding with a flat back can simply be applied to the frame. Better yet, these pieces have been expertly cut so they fit together with a tongue and groove system. Tongue and groove log siding does not have to be caulked because it has already been designed to fit together perfectly.

Wood Siding Is A Great Insulator

In addition, wood is a very good insulator. Your home or cabin that is finished with pine or cedar wood siding will actually help you conserve energy when you want to cool or heat it. Add that to the fact that this siding is produced from natural and sustainable wood, and you have a good and ecologically-sound choice!

Where To Buy Pine And Cedar Log Siding

You can find log siding for sale in a few different places. You might visit your local lumber or home improvement store to see if they have any choices. If they do stock this product, it is unlikely they will have a big selection on display, but they might be able to order more for you.

If you want to purchasing this type of paneling, you may be better off if you shop online. Many manufacturers and distributors sell a large selection off of their website. In fact, you will probably also find more affordable prices and the ability to make custom orders off of one other manufacturer’s site.

For example, you might choose to order your siding treated or untreated. If you would rather finish it yourself, you can order untreated wood siding. Otherwise, it can be pre-treated by the manufacturer before it is shipped out. Simply order what you want and relax until it gets delivered to your door!

How To Install Quality Log Siding

The installation is pretty simple. It is easy to do on a framed home that has no prior standing walls, but you can also apply this treatment over drywall or plaster walls.

If you just need to apply it over the frame, you can simply nail it to the studs. There are even corner pieces that you can purchase for a finished look.

If you have to apply the panels over drywall or plaster, you will need to make your own outer frame. First, find the wall studs and nail flushing strips to the studs. If your wall is irregular because your home has settled or was never put up properly, you can correct the width of the strips at this  time. This way you will be able to apply your panels on a straight plane.

In fact, the application of this type of log siding is a good way to enhance any house. It can add texture and warmth to any room in your house. It has been commonly installed in kitchens, but these days, you can also find log siding used in hallways, living rooms, dens, and even in bedrooms.

Some people choose to decorate their entire room this way. The warm cabin look, better wall insulation, and durable nature of this product can also improve your home value. When matched with exterior log siding, you can give almost any house the look of a log cabin.

This product is also very durable, and you should be able to enjoy it with very little effort for decades. Remember that is is made out of natural wood, can be treated, and was cut precisely to fit. Simply care for it the way that you would care for any quality wood product.

Start Enjoying Pine or Cedar Log Siding Soon

You can start shopping for this product right away. All you really need to install it are some flushing strips, nails, and a hammer or hammer gun. Shop for siding and supplies at your local store on on the Internet.

In order to find out more about this durable, practical, and convenient product, look for more information about knotty pine log siding at this site by clicking here.

Quality Log Siding

Why Choose Log Siding?

quality log sidingLog siding provides an elegant and traditional finish to homes. By choosing the classic style of log siding, you are ensuring that your house will remain in fashion throughout time. The rustic effect of log siding alludes to the houses of early settlers, subtly incorporating history into your home design. However, log siding is versatile enough to be used on any home, and can provide a classical, unique touch to cabins and mansions alike. Our quality log siding and our other wood products will help to make your dream home come to life, no matter what style of house you choose. ‘Any home can be a log home.’

Finest Quality Log Siding For Sale

Premium Wood

The wood that we provide is 100% natural, solid un-treated wood. When you buy our log sidings or other products, you know that you are helping the environment and receiving the best quality product available. The majority of our wood comes from the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, which is internationally renowned for producing the best quality wood in the world. By using the picturesque forests of northern Michigan to create our products, we can assure you that the beauty and quality of the logs, knotty pine panels or cedar panels you receive is second to none.

Controlled Product

Furthermore, our wood products are all kiln-dried to an ideal moisture content to prevent shrinkage and cracking. We never cut corners, and always ensure that our products are going to last beautifully over time. Each piece of wood is thoroughly inspected for defects, and any inferior material is discarded immediately so that you are only provided with the finest wood possible. Unlike other companies, our wood is meticulously monitored at every stage of the milling process, from the sawing of the log to the drying, inspection and milling to ensure that the products we make are of the highest quality. By controlling our products during every stage of their production, we are able to guarantee that our wood is always a premium product.


quality_log_sidingNot only do we safeguard the first-rate quality of our products, but we also ensure that our wood is friendly to the environment. We minimize wastage by creating ‘random length pieces’ with the wood that isn’t large enough to form normal products. These pieces strengthen our normal length siding as well as preventing wastefulness. This helps to maintain the efficiency of our production, and indirectly allows our products to maintain their low price. Additionally, we never treat our wood with plastics, synthetics or veneer. We retain the natural beauty of the wood by keeping it solid and un-treated, which also helps to minimize negative impacts on the environment. We always provide wood to you as nature intended, replicating the traditional log effect of the homes of early settlers.

Factory Direct

Our wood comes to you directly from the factory. Cut out the middleman and you receive a product that is better quality, as we are able to carefully control every aspect of its production and transportation. Buying directly from the factory means that the product is cheaper, saving you money that you can be spending perfecting other aspects of your dream home! Buying from the factory also means that every product can be expertly tailored to your individual needs. We have dealers across northern Michigan, and our own trucks that can transport across the nation. However, we can arrange inexpensive, reliable transportation to almost anywhere in the world! We can use common carriers to get your wood across the nation at a discount price, or dependable international boat carriers if you live overseas. See our shipping policy.

Services Tailored to Your Needs

Rather than have set plans or packages, we allow dream homes to come to life by providing wood sizes to suit each individual. You simply provide us with the measurements (height multiplied by length of a wall, subtracting the area of a window or door) and we will provide you with the log materials to complete your ideal home. This service is designed to cater to you and your needs, because we know that everybody’s dream home is different. Not only do we provide quality log siding for sale, but we also have a range of other products to finish your home. This includes log trims, log corners, paneling, log stairs and railing, log posts and trusses and log mantles. These products ensure that your house can look as beautiful and unique as you want it to be.

Contact Us Today

Whether you are certain that you want our products or if you want to see how cheap our prices really are, contact us any time and we will give you a free quote. Don’t wait, request a quote today! Click here for more information