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Log siding trims for houses

The Employment Of Log Siding Trims For Houses

log siding trims for housesThere is nothing that quite speaks of elegance and beauty like a log-sided home. It just sends a message of permanence that takes us back to much of our heritage, yet is set in a modern world and gives a stately flair to our modern world. Log trimmed homes are the ideal way to finish off the perfect home design of your dreams and give it the clean appearance and strength of character it will portray. The trim can be added to any stick built home very easily.

Log siding trims finish off the look of a home in the most stylish and impeccable manner, using decorative log trims and accessories such as window and door moldings that give an eye catching appeal to your home. There are many options from which to choose, all you have to do is make your decision and you will have a beautiful exterior that will last for years to come.


Why You Should Choose Quality Log Siding As Your Supplier

Absolutely the best place to buy log siding trims for houses is Quality Log Siding of Comins, Michigan, where you don’t have to go through the middleman, you simply can go straight to the supplier. Located in Northern Michigan where there are more trees than people, Quality Log Siding is the company that allows you the opportunity to turn any home into a log home.  When considering log siding trims for houses, you can come directly to the mill and receive commensurate pricing and attention to detail.

All of the materials are kiln dried to the degree of minimum content of moisture which prohibits cracking and shrinking, with intense inspection procedures to ensure the best available product will be available for the consumer. The finished product is all end matched and tongue-in-groove, and each stage of the process of milling is always performed in house, to make sure that the end quality is the best. Each process such as sawing the log, drying the wood in the kiln, and then performing the precise milling that is required to meet stringent conditions are all done by the company craftsmen.

There is only one objective for Quality Log siding, and that is to provide for you the very best quality of log siding trims for house in the industry at factory direct prices. This is the specialty of the company and this is what they are most proud of, the durability and quality of the finished product.


What About The Shipping Of The Products And The Cost

log siding trimsThere are three ways that the siding can be shipped, and the first, and the most preferred way is by the company’s trucks. There are trailer sizes that can ship 8, 12, or 16 units of product. The second method is for larger orders which involves semi trailers are available and the product can be shipped to any of the lower 48 states of the US and Canada. The third method is to ship by common carrier through Fed Ex, Con-Way, and other commercial shippers. Our frequency of shipping has earned extremely low discounted rates. Shipping is also available for international orders as well, and each individual situation is negotiated based on the country and distance.

Log siding trims are a great way to add that new look to your home, no matter where you live. It gives your home a new look that is amazing, and it makes people wonder how our got that new home. It also adds a tremendous insulation factor to your home. The application of log siding trims for houses is a tremendous way to give your home a complete makeover, adding to its value and better overall comfort for you.